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Sunday, April 29, 2012

10 tips to safeguard your healthcare practice

  1. Speak to your patients in the capacity that you are meant to. Ensure that treatment consent is taken from the patient after relevant interpretation of the same.
  2. When in doubt, involve colleagues to get the best opinions about a case
  3. Take steps to keep your hospital safe from ruckus-creating people. Install cameras at prominent places; hire a credible security agency, and infuse the spirit of organization in the hospital staff.
  4. Never underestimate the vitality of paperwork. When in doubt, write it down.
  5. Make provisions for keeping the records in soft copies as well; take regular data backup and ensure data protection.
  6. Assign a team of hospital staff for ensuring that all the machinery is being monitored periodically, by the experts.
  7. Arrange for mock drills with proper governmental permission.
  8. Make sure your staff knows how to handle the fire extinguisher, how to understand the medical emergency and how to perform Basic Life Support (this would help them creating a sea of change in the society)
  9. Never loose your coolth when speaking to an inebriated or foul-mouthing person; it has started happening so frequently these days that you must adapt to display your best side when trapped in such a situation
  10. Look out for the optimum quality while purchasing medical consumables, machinery or other health care related stuff. It would save you a lot of efficiency in the long run.

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