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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Watch before you eat

Scientific studies are coming up with unbelievable results. Intake of trans-fatty acids is now studied to be linked with increased incidences of aggressive behavior, impatience and irritability. Contrarily, omega 3 fatty acids are known to induce a state of agreeability and placidity. The moment I read this report, I thought to discuss the scope of this report with my colleagues so that we may improve the standards of dietary instructions to be given to the patients. The report had been alarming in coming to a conclusion that a diet containing excess trans fatty acids can cause harsh mental discordance including severe depression and at times, suicidal instincts.

I think, we, behave erratically when it comes to diet. At some spectrums, we tend to over limit us and at others, we tend to be extremely lenient. I come across parents who keep a strict watch over their kids’ diet, and this is not always healthy for the kids. I recently got a couple counseled as their child had been suffering with deficiency of some of the vital nutrients just because of too much interference with the normal way of dietary intake that a child should be allowed to indulge in.

A lot of patients make it a habit to self-prescribe multivitamin pills and keep on using them for years; I don’t bolster this practice at all. We must aim to keep our nutritional and physiological status in equilibrium so that there is minimal need of any supplements; a healthy state of body and mind would help you doing well with just the use of natural resources. Bulimia nervosa used to be a condition typically found in young girls; a thing of past I must say. I frequently come across patients, which range from being the amateurish adolescents to middle aged men to senior citizens, who practice to throw out after indulging in some high calorie meals. The trend, I believe, is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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