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Sunday, April 29, 2012

In love with the afternoon

What can be a better delight than stealing a subtle snooze after succulent lunch, or to watch the catapulting crowd from the glass pane of your sky scraper? To listen to frenzied fracas of your kids on phone, to await the pleasant knock of evening with luscious, foamy coffee amidst a disorganized whirl of chirps, to plan for the arcane of approaching activities for the day ahead are all such joyous activities that happen in the afternoon. The mass of afternoon’s energy particles fill the vacuum of our lives and give us some tame time to replenish our minds with the scuttled supply of freshly secreted neurotransmitters.

Post pubertal phase of the day, afternoon, is like middle age of our lives. It is passed with little realization of its presence and we seldom halt our hollering steps to appreciate the effervescent efficacy of afternoon. With the superfluous streamlet of fresh morning before it and the sulky shadows of nubile night after it, the afternoon is mostly shorn of its existential importance. But I love to soak myself in the rapture of immeasurable perspectives that aftermath of morning provides. Afternoon evokes the creativity-czar in your somnolent mind; you take energy from the sun and you propel the energy particles (that coalesce to take the shape and identity of a thought; 60,000 of them arise from the mind everyday) from your mind to affect the things around you. You become the creator in the glory of orange rays. Afternoon is guiltless, glorious and comes with a copious aura of being invulnerable.

The afternoons provide us a much needed buffer from the pulsating mornings full of fuss and frills and from the esoteric establishment of mystifying nights. It’s so pleasant to appreciate the slow pace of clock pendulums, to feel the tender tentacles of easy-flowing breeze, to organize the disordered cords of dust-worn guitar, to cuddle up with the cushy soft toy you were gifted by your spouse, to sip the fizzy lemonade and let your taste buds bathe in ecstasy. The afternoons are big-hearted and breathtakingly sensuous, provided you make some attempt to swirl your soul from the accustomed attachments with mornings and nights.

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