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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cheer the electric eleven

-How many souls will splutter and how many brains will bubble?
-How many stumps will be scattered, how many balls will achieve martyr hood, how much torment will the chest of bats bear with?
-How many hearts will hop in disapproval, how many frowns will cross the boundaries of forehead, how many screams will crusade the tympanic membranes?
-How many run-of-the-mill kinds will be worshipped as legends, how many stars will sway and sulk, how many corneas will work overtime and overcapacity?
-Who will turn the ball to a lightening comet and who will run 22 yards with wings ablaze?
-Who will make apocalypse seem imminent, who will make the giants bending down?
-How many eyes will swell, how many middle fingers would be raised, how many cartilages will be torn?
-Who will toss in trough while emulating the extremes and who will laze around in glory with head high held?
-How hard the hormones would rush in the mad drive?
-How many billion will blink together, yelp together and think together.
-Who will sabotage the opposition with cold blooded precision and with venomous vengeance?
-Who will embezzle the legacy of glory by holding a taut grip on the array of neuronal integration?
-Who will bring the cup and kudos home?
-Who will win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011?

I put my hope over INDIA. Let the best rule the roost.

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