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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paranormal Poise

The food is more delicious when it is cooked with calm psyche and ample of interest.

It’s a fine morning, you wake up humming a long forgotten tune, and only to find that song is being telecasted in TV at the moment.

You remember an old pal and your phone sings (Its him/her).

Your computer system gets down, the moment some special person works on it. (And it happens everytime)

You feel someone’s presence nearby when you are physically alone in the house.

You feel an instant connection with a stranger and feel happy beyond boundaries.

Certain sights, though ordinary in their merits, remain embedded to your memory lifelong and you keep on forgetting the occurrences which are reasonably important.

Fits of laughter chose you over a PJ (Pun Joke).

The pets somehow smell the impending crisis and start behaving anxiously weird before you have a clue.

Serenity sweeps in the moment we enter a place of worship.

Your first instinct almost always is right, no matter how incongruous it seems at its appearance.

You remain hostile to some people though they tend to do their best to get into your skin.

You wake up very fresh on some oblivious days and wake up very tired on some very important days.

Do we chose the color of our clothes or do the colors chose us?

You make a mute wish for the person moving ahead of you to exchange a glance and he/she turns to make it happen.

You and your friend spurt similar phrase altogether, which was unrelated to your ongoing communication.

When you try to become aware of your breathing pattern, you tend to become breathless.

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