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Friday, February 18, 2011

Moaning Morning...

The timorous darkness of the massive night fall prey to the rising roars of dawn with scintillating hues of unlimited colors. This morning appeared bathed in abundance of hope and happiness. This is the time to unleash the spirit and the Beaujolais, to uncork the veiled wishes and radiate ardently with the hope of tranquility on earth and kindness to all its citizens. New Delhi chill is yet again having its pre-geriatric spurts, arguably the most totemic ones, and the valor of frothy fog rules the spaces of the city.

The sound of bunched newspaper hitting the roofs and floors, the glow and blush of toddlers barely able to hold their mothers’ hand and waiting for the school bus, the cantankerous cab drivers relaxing after the marauding spell of screeching the highs and lows of the road, the fumes of freshly brewed ginger tea springing from the aluminum pot with black bottom, the infectious vigor in the public parks with a sight full of joggers, yoga buffs and bird watchers, Delhi Metro being hoarded with eclectic horde with floating frowns, brooding bellies and imprudent squeak of airy annoyance, we live in a city which deserves bowing salutes for its rich diversity and impeccable capability to keep pace with hurriedly changing times.

The moaning mist of morning refuses to keep mute, the sparks of shines striking windowpanes stagger in a riot of colors, the traffic signals start witnessing edgy sedans making jittery sounds, the mobile towers start getting pre-term labor and the cell phone signals start fading furiously, the coat of smog steals the real vision and ruby red turns into lathered pink, the temples are brought to life with earsplitting chants and sounds very close to those of primordial fusion rock, welcome to the high rise morning of New Delhi. Let’s make a joyous day till the sun drops in the ocean again and moon swells proudly and let’s make an easy night to observe yet again jaunty and idyllic morning.

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