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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hope, a marvel !

Hope is the force that enlightens a person’s real and virtual world. The turbulence gathered with burdens of anxiety, despair, and fear vanishes away when rays of hope infiltrate in the person’s domain. The juxtaposition of hope and despair is the key to appreciating and fighting for one's survival. And hope itself is not one-dimensional. Hope must work in tandem with trust, again establishing that devout bond. Hope is an innate realization of being able to survive the biggest of holocausts and to come out stronger.

Hope, if used as a medical weapon, can be surprisingly effective in aliening out a plethora of undesired physical and mental conditions. The depressed person can no longer perceive and differentiate an effective connection between a plan of action and the aim he or she has set. This, in turn, leads to a loss of self-confidence, which results in the person's depending more on others. Hope has its roots in spirituality and nothing can bolster the chances of sound health than the realization of one’s own existence. In medical world, we should give its due share of impact to spiritual health as well. If used tactically in wholesome approach, I believe we can decrease the disease burden globally. Ideally, importance of hope & spirituality should be given its share of magnitude right from the childhood as its better for a person to identify his / her own self, the earlier the better. Spirituality is the seat of hope, giving one a sense of meaning in the face of adversity. With hope, inclusive recovery becomes a pleasant possibility.

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Imagoogami said...

Dr. Khetarpal I read your blog through a link that Smita put up on facebook. Your hypothesis that spirituality has an important role to play in the recovery of a patient is a topic that is close to my heart. I work with mentally unwell patients and so far my research has highlighted what you have suggested. There is other research available which does show that patients who have a belief in a higher being tend to do better.