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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dark side of the DAY

Yesterday is unyielding. It leaves you in a lull, full of eerie emptiness. It stirs you and shreds you in slices. Yesterday is a shadow. Yesterday fails you. It is a vast void with a poignant poise, a recluse in disguise. Yesterday is apathetic. Yesterday is a transcendental torrent of the crushed conscience, beaten brain, deserted desires and sulked soul. Yesterday is a cocoon of crusading crossovers. Yesterday is insular. Yesterday is self-seeking. A zombie of burnt zest. A sinus of numbness.

Tomorrow is a travesty. A Masquerade. A marauding mirage. An itinerary of illusions. A school of hard knocks. Tomorrow is a blur. A whirlpool of random trajectories. Tomorrow is a ruse. A greedy gimmick. An anuclear orbit with zillions of particulates. A blatant brush with the bizarre and the barren. A roar of the unknown. A castle in the vacuum. A desolate delusion. A plethora of programmed pauses. A perplexed and arrhythmic perspective. A fake bystander.

Today adores you till you keep spiraling the hallucinating grooves of life. Today is beautiful. Today is the only constant besides death. Today is your soul mate. It is the flowerbed of your existential reality. Today is hydra-headed and argos-eyed. Celebrate the buoyancy of today. Today is you.

Take a Sabbath, its pink sunshine all over. Its today !!

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