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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where is the remote control?

Why are we destined to experience the sights and sounds every night that we haven’t called for? Why do we dream? Don’t you think that dreams occur involuntarily but compulsively, who or what controls the nature of this obvious occurrence? Are the dreams just an outburst of suppressed subconscious or do they represent the designed deliverance of planned but occult messages?

What I believe as a doctor is that every phenomenon associated with body has a special goal, if pupils don’t work we can't appreciate the light, if heart doesn’t pumps our organs would stop working due to lack of oxygen. The body is crafted by a super brain and every cell is destined for some special but vital function. So it would be a little bizarre if we yet again jettison the occurrence of dreams as something without purpose. Enough of imprudent heedlessness. Moreover since about one third of our life is taken away by some forces in making us see sights that we don’t have a control over and the nature of which ranges from subliminal to horrendous, I guess this phenomenon must have an imperative role in our lives. Who controls them and with what purpose? Are we being given some clues every night? How else can one explain the immense infiltration of our minds with sights and feelings carrying the assailant force? Where lays the remote control that decides & shows us sights of its choice? Had the scope of this role be more evident, who knows what kind of power is waiting to exalt our mind & body.

Some hidden but very powerful message, must be of essentially vital role (evident by the quanta of time it swallows up in our lives) is waiting to be decoded. As it is known it took a lot of time and resources to understand the basics, spectrum & applicability of genome (300 billion base pair combinations and a single mismatch has a sense, bless the innovative precision of the super creator) and now we can relate how big a role it can play in controlling an ocean of fundamentally fatal and debilitating medical conditions. Why not its due share of importance is is being given to fathom the original source of sights that are caught by our neuronal radars and give our sensory system a superfluous hullabaloo.

What does this regular emotional tumult aims at? Can we control our dreams? Why in spite of all the cerebral somersault that we necessarily indulge in for a good 60-70 years of our lives, we are told that we use only 10% of our brain. What is the role of rest 90% isn’t the figure too large. Why aren’t the efforts being done to decipher the equations occurring every night in the lives of more than 6 billions of us? What accounts for maximum entropy in our minds at the time when it is least in the body? Why our subconscious roars and experiences turbulent flow of unbridled energy, when we are supposedly resting? Why are we chosen?

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