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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stomach pain, a virus in your hard drive !!

Almost all of us have suffered stomach pain at so me or the other point of our lives. It can be boring, throbbing, stabbing, cramping or burning in nature and hampers our mental and physical activities. The cause of stomach pain can be innumerous; there is little point in illustrating all of them. Its just that as a virus harbors your hard disc and hampers the overall computer functioning, the stomach pain as well keeps you down till the time it is there. As there are different types of virus attacks in your hard drive (Trojans, spywares, malwares, bots etc) and severity differs with the type, similarly stomach pain can be grumbling enough to keep you on toes and screaming for help.

Formatting your body is sometimes the solution for getting rid of stomach pain by virtue of gut sterilization (by medications), surgical interventions (to fix the issues in body organs / tissues responsible for abdominal pain) etc. People who have propensity for development of recurrent abdominal pathologies need greater care of their bodies. Its just that some computer systems frequently need formatting which needs time, energy and involves great discomfort to the user. Try asking a web developer how does it feels when an unknown Trojan horse causes multiple syntax error and corrupts all the project files permanently. But then there is no permanent cure, one has to fix the acute issues and try to install good antivirus programs, frequently update them, not to attach corrupt external discs and most importantly to take maintenance contract with a good service provider. Its just like the notorious abdominal pain, once it occurs, it disturbs us and to minimize the chances of its recurrence we have to consult and follow advices of good doctors, not to indulge in things that are likely to exacerbate the problem and take a good mediclaim (health insurance) policy, so that we can be comparatively safe from the expenditures involved in hospitalization, medical bills etc.

The most difficult type of abdominal pains to handle for a clinician are ones who have psychosomatic etiology and a clinician can do little to prevent the relapses and to control the acute flairs. Similarly some of us, I am sure, must have noticed that their computer systems don’t just run brilliantly, though no contributory cause are being mentioned to them by their service providers. Its just that sometimes they work magic and the other moment they are dying to crawl. Certain things in life are beyond the scope of proof, logic or fact, they happen at their own will and desire and we have no choice but to go on. Abdominal pains will keep on bothering us as will the crashed internal drives, keep on formatting and taking the precautions.

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