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Monday, February 14, 2011

Biased Basics

Cult or Occult
Mortal memories or immortal amnesia
Raining sunshine or deafening darkness
Dizzying heights or nadir of abyss
Serenity of dew drop or anguish of red blaze
Placid moon or fuming sun
Sound of the silence or Mute shouts
Silhouettes of rainbow or might of black
Soaring comet or floating leaf
Chutzpah or recluse
Vastness of cosmos or shrunken quark
Glittering stars or hollows around them
Controlled shadow or uncontrolled self
Poised problem or disheveled solace
Acquired intelligence or innate innocence
Random relations or orderly solitude

What is the quintessential nature of forces that affect our lives? Do we have a bipolar existence? Haven’t we experienced belonging for one thing some time in our life and for a diametrically opposite thing at some other moment of our lives? Why do we change? Is the change brought by us or does the change chooses us? Why do we live and why do we die? Why is death only constant of life? Why do we don’t know the rules that change the game of our lives every now and then? Why are we programmed for such existence?

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