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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kill the expectations, let live

We are born to lead this beautiful life in the most unobtrusive way. To walk is fine but to walk on the cost of barricading someone’s path is perfidious. Have we ever spared few seconds to think what a sin of unmentionable quantum we create the moment we expect someone to behave or do something as we desire? Expectations arise out of our own thought process in which we tend to visualize the bigger picture keeping us in the centrum and the hoods of our hydra-headed desires get entangled in the necks of our subjects. Unknowingly enough, we fall in the belief that our expectation is justified and in turn this is to help our subject (may be anyone, our spouse, relative, colleague) and sometimes us, but we commit a sin, I believe, by causing our subject a situation where he/she has to act in accordance with your desire, to fulfill the dream that you visualized. Thus we force our subject to do something, the idea of which is alien to him/her, which mushroomed and obtained mass in our mind. How can we be so inhuman by forcing someone to love the things that we love, to hate the things that we hate, and in more malevolent cases to get ruled by our commands verbatim?

To put it simple, let’s take few examples. A girl marries a boy and they both become preys to the erroneous array of egregious expectations being bestowed over by none other than supposedly closest pals, the mutual families. And far often, this vile web of expectation catches hold of the breaths of the boy and girl and ordinarily enough, out of sheer respect and devoid of the courage that is required to hear the voice of ‘inner-self’, they crawl their entire lives trying hard to fulfill the hunger of the monsters of expectations, they had been gifted while they married. Haven’t you ever expressed your expectation towards your spouse to lose weight, and if you ever did this, I believe you minimized the chances for the desired outcome because you created a high-pressure environment and not everyone can find an escape with a smile. Haven’t you ever expressed your expectation that your boss gets transferred, your in-laws don’t interrupt any more, your kid excels in everything YOU want him/her to pursue, the price of petrol doesn’t sky-rocket anymore, the queue you are standing moves faster and blah blah. It only breaks the pulchritudinous note of your existence and causes arrhythmia in the natural cadence of life.

Thought emanates from energy and energy is the most miniscule version of mass (remember, energy and lass are inter-convertible), so now we should stop throwing weighable mass in others life and let everyone live without the added burden. Any performance is optimal when the entropy is minimal. A person can relate better to the sounds coming from inner-self, let alone the idea of bombarding him/her with added expectations. Respect a person’s thought process and don’t cause head on collisions by putting your thought in his/her way. Why to slow someone’s pace, why to steal someone’s chances, why to take someone’s concentration away from one’s objects of interest? How do you feel when you encounter a big rock in the flat as a pancake road that you were crushing with your ample tyres? Give you mental musculature a break and pledge not to trespass a person’s core spirit. Remember, expectations seem benign but its implications are malignant.

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