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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Berserk Beauty

Do you have to sluice the cerebral fluid to know what is beautiful in its appearance and what is not? I am sure, not. Your senses know the difference between sensuous and boring, pleasant and unappealing; within microseconds the image forms in your retina and perceived by your subconscious (what is superconscious?). How our mind does appreciate the difference of pleasant and unpleasant sights? Does it have to do with acquired knowledge or compulsory gimmick of genetic assortment? Have you ever wondered over the fact that a person is called beautiful and the other, ugly even while both of them are blessed with largely similar facial attributes? Difference lies in minimal disparity in the shape of smile, size of eyes, and pattern of hair, which is blessed with birth and only the creator knows the cause of blessing the variations. Ok, we have different attributes but why our mind perceives someone with a broad nose to be ugly, someone with a low forehead less appealing, someone with less luminous skin as unlikable? Why not the other way round?

The deviation of a smile can spell a doom if gone the wrong way, but why? Why rough skin is repulsive and lustrous skin is captivating? Are our brains fitted with the some mystic and unyielding encrypted equations that force us to accept something to be beautiful if it matches certain standards, which are predefined (that is by birth, or may be beyond that) and not in our control?

Why hadn’t the creator made our brains to react indifferently to everybody with regards to physical attributes? Why do we have to categorize people and things into beautiful, average and ugly? We, as humans, vociferously advocate the law of equality for mankind, but what notions were taken into account by the creator when the souls were being enveloped by bodies? What do you think of this draconian yet divine law that forms the basis of obstinate inequality? When some of us hold the broad vision of not being judgmental and biased by the external aspects of the people and things, do we behave in ungodly way? Or by doing this we challenge the restrictions sewn in our genes and let our spirit fights off the innate impunity, for which we are not responsible? What can clean the Augean stables that harbor the jungle of our chromosomes?

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