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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don’t sink, keep swimming

When you seek unending source of discipline, look out for the sun. It blooms up every morning to salute us lesser mortals and showers shines in our lives with no casual breaks. And it has been doing this for millions of years (may be more), perfect example of bleeding discipline.

When you seek unending source of inspiration, look out for the bunch of cacti. With virtually no water or minerals beneath their roots, they continue to extract the best from sand and remain plump happy.

When you seek unending source of hope, look out for the face of an ailing person, who knows about the notoriety of underlying terminal illness, yet makes attempts with gusto to keep the spirits of acquaintances flowing high. (I witness it so often in medical practice and it strengthens my belief that faith flows in defined direction, it multiplies in its magnitude and produces effects appreciated by eyes and mind)

When you seek unending source of belonging, just try to feel what your mother must have gone through emotionally and what dreams she must have crafted and protected for you with eyes full of high hopes when you were cocooned in the womb.

When you seek unending source of happiness, look out for a bunch of teenagers, who chuckle & chirp with their eyes full of glitters, oblivious to the sweltering realities of life.

When you seek unending source of dynamism, just think what the heck our primordial 2 cells undergo to produce a body full of 100 trillion cells.

When you think lost in the lanes of learning a new language, Try imagining a member of the royal family of Thailand. Deeply revered by the Thai people, the royal family speaks a private and ancient language known only to themselves and a privileged few.

Spare 60 dedicated seconds of your life with closed eyes to think about the unfortunate folks who are devoid of sight and you will understand the power of blessing (that you have been bestowed with)

When you think you do enough hard work, think of ants. They travel 1.09 km in a day, and going by the approximate size ratio of 1:660, an average person must walk for approximate 720 km a day. Have you ever done this? (Will you ever attempt this?)

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