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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Confession in Delhi Metro Rail

Hustling crowd making detectable attempts to take the best available position in the platform, in the hope of putting their best feet forward in the Delhi Metro Rail without getting inflicted with emotional asphyxia or soft tissue strain, makes a regular scene at most of the metro stations during busy hours in Delhi. Here comes the metro and the center of gravity of the passengers’ queues starts fluctuating, elastic strength of Achilles’ tendons grows manifolds, near vision focuses over the nearest metro door and far vision spots the potential space for accommodating two legs, in unison.

Inside the metro, a usual scenario would include a lot of college kids with headphones stuck to their ears and eyes in the search of eternity, few shabbily dressed office goers with continual twittering using a blend of swear words, producing remittent moan of dying cellular signals, few levelheaded and self-possessed individuals with busy brains and empty faces. Scheming glances with chillingly commonsensical attires prevail in the snobbish air. The chaotic life in Delhi has contributed to the anesthetized emotions and aloofness from self; in turn we all are racing madly, but to pull of which goal? There is more meaning to the life than to put out of your mind the existence of soul in your body and behave as slaves to your desires, wishes and worldly masters. It’s high time to let Delhi Metro witness a cumulative mea culpa.

The rail religiously crushes the steel track, and gets crushed by vehement pounding by people; what crushes the people?

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